Friday, January 29, 2010

Happy 101

I just received this from Mary Anne/Ma54K , I am so honored that she would think about me. Thank you Mary Ann. Now the rules for this award is to tell you 10 things about myself.

1. I am adopted
2. I have never watched TV except at family and friends, I own one but no reception, no cable, or antenna.
3. I have been at my job for 30 years
4. I am divorced
5. I have 7 son's, 6 have gone home to be with the Lord.
6. My favorite color changes :), lavender, light greens, deep blues
7. I sung solo on 3 cuts of an album for gospel music. (In my younger years)
8. I am Pentecostal, (spiritual gifts)
9. I study the bible 6 days a week. Have read the bible cover to cover over 30 times in 30 years.
10. I love coffee, fried chicken and baked macaroni and cheese. :) coffee I drink daily 2 cups but the rest maybe once or twice a year..
Joanne Travis
Michelle Forrest
Penny Duncan

Have a Blessed Day


Chris Olsen, Glowbug said...

Congrats on your award. You are so deserving!! I loved reading about you! Have a great weekend!
hugs and blessings,

Susan said...

Congrats Becky on your award and thank you so much for thinking of me to pass it on to. I enjoyed reading the 10 things about you. have read the Bible 30 times....that's awesome!

Joanne Travis said...

Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful award, Rebekka!! I loved reading these things you wrote about yourself and getting to know you better. You are so sweet and thoughtful!

Mary Anne / MA54K said...

I am so glad you accepted the award, Rebekka! You always leave me such sweet comments on my cards, and the other day I was on a site and found a link to your blog. I now have it on my list of daily blogs in my sidebar. You are so deserving of the award and I enjoyed learning a bit about you.

Michelle Forrest said...

Congrats on this award and thank you so much for sharing it with me. you are wonderful beyond words! ((Hugs))

Anonymous said...

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh THANK YOU Rebekka!!! I'm totally touched!!! I will be adding to my blog!! You're very sweet!!! I hope you have a very blessed Saturday!!!

craftieodamae said...

I love reading about people, sounds like you have had a very interesting life girl friend!